About Us

We, the Javidi Family, Somayyeh (the author), Ali (my husband), and Fardin (my son), will play host to you. My mother, M’asoumeh Khanum, sometimes helps us, weaving a rug by hand and exchanging idea with you. We will receive you in a friendly atmosphere to develop sustained friendship. During this fellowship, we come to learn about different cultures from Iran and the world. We also try to introduce a small part of hospitality of Shahr-e Babak to our beloved guests. If you need a local guide, my brother Alireza, who is a patient ecotourism guide, will accompany you. Staying in a village has surely its specific conditions, which is characterized by shortages other rural areas are suffering from. Despite these shortages, we believe that staying in a village is a memorable experience. If you desire to be the guest of a family from Shahr-e Babak, experiencing the taste of the dishes prepared in Shahr-e Babak, and buy a souvenir made by the hands of women from Shahr-e Babak, then we are waiting for your warm, friendly presence.